Can I charge non-refundable travel costs and/or conference costs to a CPRIT grant not taken or attended because my employer limited employee travel or the event was cancelled due to coronavirus?

CPRIT will reimburse otherwise eligible costs associated with non-refundable grantee travel not taken because of the COVID-19 disaster. CPRIT will also reimburse otherwise allowable non-refundable registration fees for conferences, seminars, or symposiums that the event host cancelled due to the COVID-19 disaster. Grantees must maintain records and documentation to support charges to the CPRIT grants for non-refundable travel and/or non-refundable registration costs resulting because of the COVID-19 disaster. This authorization does not apply to travel booked or for event registrations made on or after March 20 (or the date that a grant organization implemented a no travel policy for its employees and students, if earlier than March 20.) The grantee should make every effort to minimize future non-refundable travel and event registration costs booked on or after March 20, and CPRITreserves the right to reject a grantee’s reimbursement request if the grantee has failed to adequately protect against future non-refundable travel and event registration costs, even those related to the COVID-19 disaster.

The CPRIT website now has a dedicated webpage for information, guidance, and frequently asked questions related to COVID-19’s impact on CPRIT grants.

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